We support you to prepare your child to pick up 21st-century skills and adapt to a world of rapid changes in technology.

To all the wonderful parents around the world!

There are many things you hear from your child’s school or read an article online about ‘STEAM,’ ‘21st-century skills,’ ‘playing is learning,’ and ‘problem-solving skills.’ Can you teach these at home? The answer is yes!

We participated at one of the largest digital conferences organized discussing ‘The New Normal’ in education post #COVID19! You can watch the entire T4 conference online here. So what is the new normal and how can you prepare your child to pick up 21st-century skills and adapt to a world of rapid changes in technology?

One thing we all agree on - the new normal won’t be that teachers get replaced by a screen and we want to promote richer learning opportunities at home!

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At Strawbees we believe play is the rocket fuel of child development and an essential way to foster the skills required to thrive in a changing world. We encourage you to engage in positive, playful experiences with your child(ren)!

Creativity is super important to us - we add the ‘A’ (Arts) into ‘STEAM’ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths). STEAM learning can be developed through play and hands-on activities. Much of our activities follow the approach of the creative process -- Imagine, Create, Play, Share, Reflect, and Imagine -- using the Creative Learning Spiral from MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten group to encourage lifelong learning at school and home!

Strawbees is great for limited-to-no screen time fun. As a family take on the 100+ challenges of the Pocketful of Ideas where it’s imagination over instructions.

Do you need to know how to code? No! You can start by simply uploading the template code we recommend everyone to start with! As a parent, you can get easily involved too, by simply using snippets of code published online for everyone and learn side-by-side with your child. All of Strawbees kits are a great tool for your child not just to push the right buttons or select the correct sequence to move a robot across the room but design thinking and learning by trying. As a result your child grows to understand that it is okay to fail and gains confidence in finding creative solutions.

So what about inventing a family game with robot bowling, building a target for your own built catapult or a robot race with family and friends in-house or outdoors weather permitting? So yes you get your child(ren) to use the computer as a tool for creativity and empower them by taking their ideas out of their minds, and make into the real world!

For questions, you can jump online by emailing Support or Facebook messaging us!

We have a fantastic library of activities you can get started with on this page including free resources and inspiring projects by parents who love Strawbees!

We can do this! It might feel like a long road ahead, but the hardest part is getting started.
Join along with many other parents with our mission - let kids create!

Stay curious,
Strawbees Education Team

Below is a short introduction video that shows what Strawbees is about:

Learning with Strawbees


Let kids create!

Encourage motoric skills and stimulate many senses: sight, hearing and touch.

Screen free

Prototype ideas

Enable kids to take their 2D thinking into the 3D world - prototyping ideas.


Playful learning

Having fun, experimenting and creating.



Daring to do something new, like a musician experimenting with a new music style.

What parents say

I bought this kit and my child LOVED it. Take apart takes minutes. Great STEM product. There are a few guides to use, but the creativity outside of those guides has been great too!


STEM fun in a low-tech solution!
Mum of 3 kids, Sweden

This product has been great to help my child feel more confident in STEAM activities. I love that there are guided cards to inspire the creations and to get kids started with the activity. This is also a product that can involve several kids or parents and kids to work on as a group activity.


Fun thinking activity
Mum of a girl, South Korea

My 9 year old son played with these at school for STEM. Was so excited to have his own set!


Great STEM building activity!
Mum of 1 boy, UK

Fun activities to do at home

Build the Platonic Solids

Build the shapes that have intrigued philosophers, mathematicians and scientists for centuries.

Create a Robot Racer

Build a robot that walks and then try to make it run.

Build a Robotic Crane with BBC micro:bit

Use the Robotic Inventions for micro:bit to automate the mechanical movements of a crane.

10 days online activities

Learning activities created with kids encouraging complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity at home.

Free digital resources

All products come with the free Strawbees Learning platform, with lesson plans & activities and the Strawbees Code app, that works offline.

How to use white connectors and same length straws

The kits we offer to schools are different from the kits you can buy for your home but the building process is the same.


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