Coding & robotics STEAM kits

Build robots. Build castles, build creative confidence.

The power of Strawbees is to combine the physical and digital!

Add movement and interaction to your prototypes with ‘the Quirkbot’, our Coding and Robotics kits developed especially for the Strawbees building system.

If you are a micro:bit user the Strawbees Robotic Inventions add-on kit enables you to build prototypes with Strawbees connectors and straws as well as motor movement.

Coding with micro:bit

Are you a micro:bit user? Robotic Inventions lets you integrate your micro:bit in Strawbees projects and also make them move! Realize your ideas in the physical world in a simple, creative and fast way!

Coding with Quirkbot

The Quirkbot is designed by Strawbees and fits perfectly with our building system. You can code it in 3 programming languages using our app Strawbees CODE.

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