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Making STEAM available for all children around the world.

Quality education for everyone

Strawbees is the glue that binds different materials and technologies. We merge the physical with the digital. We introduce students to their potential. We fit any teaching style, objective and budget like a glove. We inspire communities and forge exciting partnerships. We bridge today with tomorrow. We are a connector in more ways than one.

 Strawbees & United Nations running a SDGs Workshop in Bogotá, Colombia.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) blueprint is based on global needs to create a more sustainable world by 2030. To fulfill this, our young people need to use problem-solving, critical thinking and creative thinking skills to create a more sustainable society together.

We at Strawbees work with students and teachers globally to combine creativity and technology, preparing them for a world where creative problem solving will be integral to the future job market. By studying each local market’s curriculum, and tying learning objectives to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the PISA Global Competencies, we produce lesson plans that tailor hands-on learning to fit market needs.

Cultivating 'Invention Literacy', a term coined by Jay Silver from Joylabz, we empower teachers in 40,000 schools across 50 countries to offer creative, applied and fun-filled experiences that bring together technology and innovation.

“Communication is action and working with entities such as Strawbees who focus on educational tools to communicate sustainable thinking and living is exactly what we are after. Our goal at UNIC Bogotá is to set up partnerships and programs which not only enable us to get our messages through but transform the messages into real long-lasting societal change. That’s also why one of our main audiences is children and youth and making sure they’re empowered and given the tools to incorporate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in their daily lives,” Hélène Papper, Director of UNIC for Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

Strawbees & United Nations running a SDGs Workshop in Ghana, Africa.

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