Prepare awesome lessons that blend technology with design thinking, and take your students from ABC to CCC (Creativity, Critical thinking and Complex Problem Solving!)

To all the Education heroes out there!

Firstly, thank you for teaching our kids. Having been first responders during this pandemic, supporting our communities has opened our eyes, and we are enormously thankful for all your hard work.

We participated at one of the world’s largest digital conferences organised by teachers, for teachers. In discussion was ‘The New Normal’ for education post #COVID19! Watch the entire T4 conference online here.

Expectations and demands on teaching – especially remotely – are incredibly high. There’s much to think about – work-life life balance, students’ wellbeing, isolation from colleagues, learning new technologies even faster than before… So let the team at Strawbees lend a hand.

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One thing is for sure - ‘The New Normal’ is not just talking about teaching through the screen, it’s about how to use the computer as a tool for learning. We make the learning tools to compliment using the screen with coding, creativity, and innovation!

Our mission is to help educators embrace creative learning -- to achieve this mission, we created Strawbees Learning for you, teachers and educators globally. We base this platform from the approach of learning in kindergarten through Imagine, Create, Play, Share, Reflect, and Imagine -- using the educational pedagogy the Creative Learning Spiral from MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten group. With the expanding library of support resources such as ‘How to use Strawbees in your Classroom,’ lesson plans, activities, and explorations you and your students can increasingly engage in complex projects as your understanding of how creative learning grows.

The building system of Strawbees through the connectors, straws, electronic hardware, and code make it easier to ignite your students’ creativity with the intuitive building system of color-coded building pieces for creating any project we publish or even for building from imagination.

The process of building with Strawbees revolves around Invention Literacy, a term coined by Jay Silver describes this as, “Invention literacy is the ability to read and write human made stuff, from toasters to apps.” Inventors don’t perform magic. Understanding the world around us means being able to deconstruct it as building blocks of inventing. Viewing the building blocks such as vocabulary, grammar, spelling and sounds help us understand what we read to make sense when we write and create with our hands. When familiar with these basic building blocks, such as mechanisms, movement, construction, design, electronics, programming and anything relevant to the project idea we want to create - then we can interchange these blocks together in innovative ways to make something new!

When students are creating a structure from the STEAM School kit, adding a servo motor, lights and touch sensing with a program to control the motion of a mechanism from the Coding and Robotics with Quirkbot School kit the inventing process already started. Strawbees offers you a great tool to coach students not just what buttons to push or what the correct sequence is to move a robot across the room, but much more. “Learning by doing isn’t good enough. Learning by trying is the future,” as mentioned by Erik Thorstensson. It encourages each and every student to take ownership of their learning by trying. As a result students grow to understand that it is okay to fail and gain confidence in finding creative solutions. Imagine a classroom full of completely different robot solutions to the same challenge!

We put together some interesting resources on this Educator page including projects shared by other teachers, Robot racer sketches drawn by students, and teacher testimonials who already are using Strawbees.

 We look forward to working with you! Let us know what else you need, we’re always happy to help!

Stay curious!
Strawbees Education Team

Watch this short video and discover what Strawbees is all about:

Learn with Strawbees

Project-Based Learning

Get students excited about bridge-building, mechanical arms, egg drop challenges, and more.

Lesson Plans

Handy color-coded pieces make it easy to follow the included lesson plans. You can also use the kit straight from the box for open-ended building.

Unlimited fun

Connectors and straws are all reusable so when you’re finished building, you can start again and build something new.

Skill Development

Help students develop problem-solving skills through building and modifying increasingly complex structures.

What teachers say

The students loved it! It was wonderful watching them fuel-up their imagination and get in touch with their inner engineer.


A great open-ended toy for kids
Ashley Waring, STEM educator
Alabama, USA

What do I love about Strawbees? They empower students to create what's in their mind without any predetermined outcomes. All the components of the design process are there for teachers who want students to take control of their own learning outcomes.


Brian Jones, an extremely dedicated STEM teacher
at Los Alisos Middle School
Norwalk, CA

Used at a Makers Day and worked perfectly for the elementary students!


Great quality
Amanda Mortimore, administrator, US

Learn without limits

Our kits are supported by an online learning platform that we developed with input from teachers, and the lesson plans include:

  • Recommended activities for skill development
  • Guiding questions to enhance learning
  • Ideas for managing group dynamics and team learning
  • Assessment tools

You can use Strawbees lesson plans as-is. Or you can twist and transform them into something new. Just use your imagination. Each lesson agile enough for you to take inspiration and do things your way. Think of our lesson plans as informed starting points for you to meet the unique needs and interests of each child and class. Try new things, build on these ideas and share your discoveries!

What exactly is Strawbees?

Strawbees is a kit of parts for you to build things that can stand, move, spin, glide, or even walk across the floor.

Getting started

Here’s some inspiration to get started building with Strawbees construction, with guides for Quirkbot and the micro:bit.

Build the Platonic Solids

Build the shapes that have intrigued philosophers, mathematicians and scientists for centuries.

Create a Robot Racer

Build a robot that walks and then try to make it run.

Build a Robotic Crane with BBC micro:bit

Use the Robotic Inventions for micro:bit to automate the mechanical movements of a crane.

Our learning mindset

What's our educational philosophy?

Ambassador Sales Program

Using Strawbees in your classes? Now’s the time for you to monetize your network of schools, after school programs and STEAM makerspaces? Apply to our Ambassador Sales Program - it is a commission-based program with perks including training to become a certified Strawbees ambassador, free professional development and free samples.

Let Strawbees loose in the classroom!

Read up on how and when to use our activities, lesson plans and explorations.

Curriculum Alignment

Designed to click with your curriculum standards.


Join our online Playinars and future courses to become fully trained in our educational pedagogy. 

Strawbees CODE

Getting into coding? Our accessible coding platform gives you three ways to program:

  • Flow programming
  • Block programming (powered by MIT Scratch)
  • Arduino Text programming

We’re the only company in education to provide three different coding approaches giving you endless ways to progress.

“It was one of my most fun days in school!”

Kids tend to have fun with Strawbees and it’s our pleasure to make teachers’ job a little easier. Imagine a classroom with not one but 30 different robots to keep the kids busy!

After using Strawbees, a nine-year old Swedish pupil wrote in her essay, ‘This was one of the most fun schooldays ever!!’ Strawbees was made with kids and for kids, and our mission is to let kids create by providing creative tools that will help them solve the problems of tomorrow.


STEAM Learning for the classroom and beyond

We want to inspire a new generation of inventors. So we design our kits with enough materials for creative and collaborative learning in all classrooms, libraries and afterschool programs. Ideal for groups of 10-40 students.

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