STEAM School Kit for micro:bit Users – Bundle

Include your existing micro:bits with the full classroom set of toolboxes using the Robotics board to add robotic capabilities to Strawbees projects and the micro:bit.

  • Robotics for micro:bit
  • Lesson booklet
  • 100+ cards

USD $585.00

  • WINNER - Kids Judge BETT Award 2020
  • Free Lesson Plans included
  • 1 Year Warranty and Lifetime Support

STEAM School Kit for micro:bit Users – Bundle

Bundle Includes:

The STEAM School Kit – our biggest building set with over 4000 pieces for an entire classroom of students. The building set comes with 6 colors of construction straws and 4 color-coded connectors organized in labeled bags for storage. Comes with the Pocketful of Ideas card deck with 100+ challenges to stay inspired.

Robotic Inventions for the micro:bit – 10 Pack – include your existing classroom set of micro:bits with the Robotic Inventions board for adding robotic capabilities. The Robotics board includes 2 RGB LEDs and attach up to 3 servo motors to any Strawbees building project.

Write in Microsoft MakeCode’s block-based programming platform, upload a program and remove from the computer to run on batteries.

This bundle is for those who already have micro:bits and want them excluded from purchase. A bundle with the micro:bits is available.

Age and grade

Ages 9-14
Grade in US schools: 4-9th grade

Number of students

10-30 students

Great for

Afterschool programs
Competitions and Events
School Classrooms
Science Centers
Summer Camps

Number of pieces

4190 pieces

Key Features

Full STEAM Ahead – everything you need for a well-rounded science, technology, engineering, art and math experience of making and creating your projects.

Unlimited building – build structures of any scale or dimension, big enough to fit many makers inside and lightweight enough to lift above your head.

Color-coded pieces – there are 4 types of connectors and straws in 8 colors making it easy to follow the activity instructions.

Make physical and mechanical inventions with the micro:bit.

Physical Computing – extend programming to the physical world beyond the computer screen with creating interactive projects with the Strawbees building system.

Electronic Building Set – all electronics easily connect to Strawbees connectors and straws.

All materials are custom-made, durable, and reusable – finish building, disassemble, and begin a new project.

What's included?

STEAM School Kit

  • Building straws – 240mm Blue × 250
  • Building straws – 240mm Pink × 250
  • Building straws – 240mm Green × 250
  • Building straws – 240mm Yellow × 250
  • Building straws – 240mm Orange × 250
  • Building straws – 240mm Gray × 250
  • Connectors – 1-leg Blue × 1024
  • Connectors – 2-leg Yellow × 512
  • Connectors – 3-leg Green × 512
  • Connectors – 5-leg Red × 512
  • Pocketful of Ideas Card Deck × 1
  • Teacher booklet × 1

Robotics Inventions for the micro:bit – 10 Pack

  • Strawbees Robotics boards for the micro:bit × 10
  • Strawbees micro:bit clip × 10
  • Servo motors 120 (SM-S2309S) × 10
  • Servo motor mounts white × 20
  • Servo motor arms × 30
  • Screws for servo mounts and arms × 30
  • Mini screwdrivers × 10
  • Servo extension cables × 10
  • Poster × 1
  • Free access to lesson plans at Strawbees Learning
  • Free access to the official Strawbees MakeCode extension

This bundle does not include the micro:bit, USB cable, or batteries.

STEAM School Kit for micro:bit Users – Bundle

USD $585.00

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